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What is a Major Unusual Incident MUI?

A Major Unusual Incident (OAC 5123-17-02) is defined as any alleged, suspected, or actual occurrence of an incident that adversely affects the health and safety of a person. There are nineteen types of incidents defined in the rule that are considered major unusual incidents.

All incidents require that:
1. Immediate action is taken to protect persons from further harm.
2. An investigation is conducted to determine the cause of the incident and contributing factors.
3. Prevention plan is put in place to reduce the likelihood of future occurrences.

MUIs are reported to the local County Board of DD, which then reports the information to the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) County Boards of DD are responsible for immediate action, investigation, and prevention planning for each incident.

The DODD Major Unusual Incident and Registry Unit reviews all initial MUIs to ensure immediate actions are taken and appropriate notifications have been made. In addition to this review, DODD provides technical assistance to providers and counties, and routinely conducts assessments of each County Board of DD and Developmental Center’s system for ensuring health and safety. DODD also conducts separate investigations as outlined in the rule.

The MUI system is set up to help protect all persons in the Developmental Disabilities system.
By looking at person and group data, we can see trends that can be addressed leading to better protections.

Reporting helps DODD and HCBDD to get a better picture of what is happening and helps both departments to make improvements in the system that benefit everyone.



MUIs can be reported to the Huron County Board of DD by staff, persons with disabilities, families, caregivers, providers of service, or the general public.

All providers who are contracted, certified, or licensed to serve persons with developmental disabilities are required to report MUIs, as well as all HCBDD staff.

The Huron County Board of DD contracts Investigative Agent (IA) services through the Clearwater COG who is responsible for the investigation of all MUIs. The IA, along with the person’s Team, will also help develop prevention plans to reduce the likelihood that similar incidents will occur.​ 

The Provider’s role is to take immediate actions to protect people from further harm when incidents occur in their setting and to report incidents to HCBDD.

Report all incidents or allegations of misappropriation, abuse (physical, verbal, or sexual), prohibited sexual relations, neglect, exploitation, death, peer-to-peer acts, or inquiries from the media regarding an MUI to HCBDD within 4 hours of becoming aware of the incident.

Report all incidents or allegations of law enforcement involvement (charges, incarceration, and/or arrests), rights code violations, unapproved behavior support, unanticipated hospitalizations, attempted suicide, missing individual, and significant injuries to HCBDD by 3:00 pm the next working day.

Report regardless of where and who was present. 

Prevention plans must then be implemented to reduce the likelihood of similar incidents occurring.

Independent providers shall complete an unusual incident report, notify the person’s guardian or other people whom the person has identified, as applicable, and forward the unusual incident report to the Service and Support Administrator or County Board designee on the first working day following the day the unusual incident is discovered.

An MUI Contact has been identified at HCBDD to receive reports of possible MUI’s. Incidents may be reported to the MUI Contact at (419) 921-9745, MUI@hurondd.org or to any HCBDD employee. 

To report an incident to HCBDD after hours, call 419-706-3810.

DODD also has a hotline -1-866-313-6733 – which may be used if there are concerns or difficulties in reporting to HCBDD.

To receive reports related to the health and welfare of those receiving services from community members, families, caretakers, providers, and people served. 

Ensuring health and safety of people served by taking immediate action and supporting providers in taking immediate action.

Work with families, caretakers, providers, and people served to understand MUI investigations and assist team with prevention planning.

File reports with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

DODD provides oversight and technical assistance. The DODD MUI/Registry Unit reviews ALL MUI reports to ensure immediate action, timely reporting, good investigations, and necessary implementation of prevention plans. 

DODD also conducts investigations when it would be a conflict of interest for the Clearwater Council of Governments to complete the investigation/report.

To contact the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities: 30 E Broad St Columbus, Ohio 43215 WEBSITE: DODD.ohio.gov  PHONE: (800) 617-6733

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